What running shoes to wear?

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Written by James Morris Personal Trainer     What running shoes are good for running? My teacher Dr. Romanov would say light weight flats! Continue reading below to find out the best shoes for you! I get this question regularly from my client’s when I introduce them to the mechanics of running or squatting. Because… Read more »

Pose Method

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In the 70’s a Russian scientist, University teacher & University Track Team Coach Nicholas Romanov developed a method of teaching sport specific techniques. He called it the Pose Method. In the 80’s it was successfully implemented into the training of many Soviet elite athletes with great results. In the 90’s select members of USA & UK Olympic,… Read more »

Forefoot Running

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Written by James Morris Personal Trainer         For millions of years before the invention of running shoes, humans were running completely differently. In fact the traditional running shoe has turned us into heel striking individuals (landing on the heel and transitioning onto the toe). The problem with this is that we receive… Read more »