Why would you want to avoid pesticides?

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  Written by James Morris Personal Trainer       Well you may be interested to know that you’ll see over 10 million gross pounds of chemicals were applied to tomatoes intended for processing. Shocking! So we should probably go organic as much as possible, as organic is simply avoiding the sea of artificial chemicals. But… Read more »

Five Reasons to Avoid Plastic Containers

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Written by James Morris Personal Trainer     The bottom line is that plastic is made from toxic materials. It’s a known fact that these toxins can leach into whatever they come into contact with. And it’s a known fact that when the compounds that make up plastic are ingested, they damage your body on… Read more »

Is our water making us infertile?

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Guest Post By Nicola Reed James Morris Personal Training Sport Massage Therapist There was an article in the Observer last week that reported that Britain faces a £30bn bill to clean up rivers & water supplies contaminated by the synthetic hormones from contraceptive pills. The EU has proposed that sewage waterworks should be upgraded to… Read more »

Health benefits of earthing

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With the increase use of technology, such as advancements in social media our connection to nature has reduced considerably. So we are disconnected from the natural elements around us and being exposed to increasing electromagnet field containing positive charge energy. An increased exposure to this will elevate free radicals being produced in our bodies. To… Read more »