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Tempo training is varying the speed when lifting a weight from A-B both on the concentric and eccentric phase of the lift. If you train with a wide range of tempos you will see the greatest muscle and strength gains.  By varying tempos you will overcome plateau and will get more adaptation with your nervous system and metabolic system depending on the speeds you lift.

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In prescribing tempo, four numbers are used like this: 4210. The first number dictates the seconds it takes for the eccentric or down motion; the second number is the pause before the concentric motion, which is the third number; and the fourth number is the pause before the repetition repeats. In the case of a 4210 tempo in the bench press, it takes 4 seconds to lower the weight, there is a 2-second pause, then the weight is rapidly pushed up in 1 second and the rep starts over immediately.

Here’s some tempo tips:

  1. Lift Heavy and Use Longer Rest Periods to Boost Testosterone
  2. A Hypertrophy-Type Protocol with Short Rest Periods is Best to Trigger Growth Hormone
  3. Eccentric-Enhanced Training for Maximal Growth Hormone Release
  4. Vary Tempo with Longer Rest Periods For Maximal Growth Hormone Release
  5. Use weighted Chains and Bands
  6. Use Isometric Pauses to Increase IGF-1 and Target High-Threshold Motor Units
  7. Use Forced Reps to Trigger Testosterone (with a spotter)

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