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Guest Post from James Morris Personal Training Team Member Nicola Reed Sports Massage Therapist.In 2005 a study conducted in the city of Glasgow showed that 86% of dentists surveyed reported back pain at some point in their career. 83% believed that the back pain was as a direct result of their posture of work. 25% of the dentists asked had to have an absence from work due to this back pain, whilst many others had to reduce the number of patients that they saw in a day.

Painkillers, exercise, better posture and regular work breaks can all help to manage or alleviate this pain and research shows that alternative therapies to eliminate back pain do exist and are often favoured by patients.

When the muscles have been held in one position for too long they gain increased tone and if that position is maintained for hours, days, months or even years those muscles can become fibrous and congested resulting in a surprising amount of pain.

A good body worker can do wonders for this kind of tension, and it’s not just dentists that suffer from pain through their jobs. Hairdressers, factory workers, the lady who fills the vending machine, office workers, karate teachers and so many more. I’ve treated many and have made a difference in their lives.
Quite frankly, modern life is bad for us & we should all do something to balance us out.
Whether it’s massage, rolfing techniques or myofascial release(more on this another day) soft tissue work can make a massive difference to how you feel. Yoga, pilates, exercise in general can all help, as well as osteopaths, physiotherapists & alternative therapists.

So, if your job is getting you down & causing you pain, get yourself to a good body worker & get those lumps & bumps eased out. I always say that massage is the best place to start getting help. And if a good therapist can’t help, then they’ll know someone who can. If your looking for a sports massage contact me at

Trust me.

Yours in Health

Nicola Reed

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