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Simon Waterson spent seven years with the Royal Marines before signing up as a personal trainer. Over the years he has trained James Bond stars Pierce Brosnan, Denise Richards and Halle Berry, so when Daniel Craig began preparing for his role as 007 in Casino Royale, there was only one man to call…

Simon Waterson – “As an ex-military man, I think I was uniquely placed to understand the discipline, mental strength and stamina required in order to train to become the ultimate cinema super spy, James Bond. Luckily, Dan was no shirk when it came to hard work, so I devised a programme that had diversity and would suit the role of Bond, pushing him to his limits and beyond, like the character demands.”

Simon Waterson – “Dan had briefed me on his goals, and was determined to get stuck in. No stone was left unturned in terms of developing speed, strength, stamina and a sharp, focused mind. I’m a stickler when it comes to attention to detail, so posture, definition, movement and confidence were at the top of the list.

I also wanted functioning muscle – there’s no point in having great muscles if they can’t be used in a beneficial way like speeding across the ground, climbing, jumping and fighting”

The theory and philosophy is similar to the past bond films, but it’s evolved as our efficiency evolves. You know how to train better; you know how to eat better. As you become more efficient, as you know yourself more, you become fitter. You become healthier.


The workouts
Simon Waterson – “The workouts were a blend of power lifting, with a lot of compound exercises thrown in. This allows you to work out extremely hard with heavy weights, and because it’s so intense the heart rate is elevated. Therefore, you are working not only on the development of nice lean muscle tissue, but you’re also getting a bit of cardio as well, and keeping your body fat down.”

Right now it is almost like a variation of CrossFit. It is functional, dynamic, and not aesthetic. It is all about using as much natural body movement as possible.

I also use a lot of plyometrics into strength exercises, like squat thrusts into pull-ups. I use something like a metabolic deadlift—a deadlift into a squat thrust, into a press-up, back into a deadlift. Then you can adapt that. I always put a blend of exercises together and use two back-to-back, like a deadlift into a plyometric, or pull-up into a plyometric. If I want to fatigue the chest, we would do incline press into kneeling cable flyes. There’s little rest between any sets.

It’s all about adapting exercises to be more efficient, so the body moves through all its natural functions and you are not inhibiting it. You’re not, like, sitting on a machine doing a seated press, which would have no relevance whatsoever to a person that has to be able to sprint, jump over a bridge, and jump onto something. I try to keep away from kinds of exercises that are isolating.

“After a few sessions it was clear Dan was a tough, athletic guy, so I decided the way to get the best results was to add a motivational element, i.e. competition. I always recommend if you can work out with a friend then it’s ten times easier, so rather than just coach him, we actually trained together, pushing each other that bit further.”

“After a few months of training, Dan was lifting and performing like an athlete.

He had full focus on what he wanted and the discipline from me to help him execute it.

Even now, I still can’t believe the physical changes he achieved.

It just shows that with will power and dedication you can achieve anything.”

With Daniel, we were training hard, being conscious about food, but in a balanced way. It wasn’t scrutinized, and you’ve got to remember that there are certain amounts of genetics that come into play. You have to be blessed in a certain way.

According to British actor and co-star of Craig Naomi Hariss: ”I can’t say that. But I do see him with his top off, which is very nice. One of the perks of the job, he worked out for two hours every day after filming. Two hours. And we did really long days, so he’s super-super-fit. He’s a real Bond in real life – very physical, capable and energetic.”



Daniel said- “I was on a high protein diet.”



I think we are all guilty when we start training of overdoing it. It is that old adage that if you want muscle enhancement, fatigue is good. Bodybuilding is the only thing in the world where failure is a positive. But failure and fatigue really are amazing. Feed your muscles, let them grow, and that is basically it.



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