Twice-a-day training for faster results.

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By James Morris, Personal Trainer from Chertsey, Surrey   You can’t increase the volume of high quality training in a single session but you can increase the frequency of those short high quality training sessions. By splitting up your training, it prevents individuals from getting lazy by not putting the same commitment in short duration… Read more »

Strength Training

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  “Exercise is a specific activity that stimulates a positive physiological adaption that serves to enhance fitness and health. It does not undermine the latter in the process of enhancing the former.” – Dr. Doug McGuff   Muscle strength is necessary for: (NHS Choice. 2015) all daily movement to build and maintain strong bones to regulate… Read more »

How a Muscle Gains Strength

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By James Morris Personal Trainer from Chertsey, Surrey.     The bigger the muscle is the stronger the muscle will be? Well no, in fact there are very strong people with not very big muscles. Muscle size is not the only thing factor that dictates strength.   The maximum strength of a muscle’s contraction depends… Read more »

Free Weights or Machines?

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By James Morris Personal Trainer from Chertsey, Surrey.     I hear all the time in the gym whether free weights are best for achieving your goals or machines. Below I have made arguments for and against each of them.   Argument For Free Weights Free weights have an increase muscle fibre recruitment compared to machines…. Read more »

Five ways to increase lean muscle

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Written by James Morris Personal Trainer     To develop your muscle, you must focus on what directly stimulates growth.   Below is a list of five such growth stimulates. Stretching Tension Stretching tension is the negative phase of a repetition, which causes a lot of cellular damage, this is when the weight is lowered… Read more »